My results from the FIRO-B describe my personality very well. Here is a general review of each of my scores:


Scores: Medium expressed/Medium wanted 
Reflects: How much you generally include other people in your life? | How much contact, attention, and recognition you want from others?

In General:

“Your inclusion results suggest that you are generally at ease with people but prefer to divide your time between being alone and being with others. You tend to be very flexible and accommodating both in the amount of time people want to spend with you and in whether they or you initiate activities. Your needs for interaction may even be quite different from one group situation to another. Others are seldom likely to misinterpret how much inclusion you want because the way you act is usually consistent with what you want. What may be less obvious is how strongly you need a mix of both independent and group time.”

More details about my Inclusion results can be found here.


Scores: Medium expressed/Medium wanted 
How much influence and responsibility you want? | How much you want others to lead and influence you?

In General:

“Your Control results suggest that you prefer to find a middle path between appearing either overly dominant or overly influenced by others. You are likely to prefer structure in some situations and less structure in others. You probably enjoy making decisions and being in charge but also do not mind following others’ directions. You are seldom likely to make excessive demands on others yet do expect them to carry their share of the load. Although you are able to assume responsibility without the support of someone else, cooperatively sharing in decisions or first finding out what others think before you decide is probably your preferred style. You most likely appreciate knowing others’ views—both support and criticisms—before you commit yourself.”

More details about my Control results can be found here.


Scores: Medium expressed/Medium wanted 
How close and warm you are with others? | How close and warm you want others to be with you?

In General:

“Your Affection results suggest that you come across to others as warm, accessible, and supportive of them and that you probably need about the same amount of personal interest or closeness shown to you. While you are apt to handle others’ indifference fairly well, you are likely to prefer that others show the same openness and friendliness toward you as you do toward them; and you generally assume that they will do so. You are apt to be comfortable both showing warmth and receiving it, although extreme demonstrations of closeness or coolness may make you uncomfortable.”

More details about my Affection results can be found here.

All results provided by Introduction to the FIRO-B Instrument.


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